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Green Policies
    We all live in a world with finite resources and it is vital
that we act in a sustainable way.  In other words:

'meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs.'-- Bruntland Commission 1987.

It has always been our policy at Homestead Folk Toys to recycle and reuse materials
where and whenever possible.  In 2008 we began to formalize, in written form,
our dreams and objectives toward that end.  Here, then, is our ever-expanding list
of green policies:

1.  Recycle all business-related materials such as cardboard, cardboard boxes, paper and plastic.
2.  Recycle all non-business-related materials such as glass and other containers.
3.  On appointed days, safely deliver to recycling plants such materials as electronics,
appliances and batteries.
4.  When possible, print our annual catalog on recycled paper.
5.  When possible, use recycled paper products for packaging.
6.  to minimize the use of paper via encouraging the use of on-line ordering, catalog-viewing, and to work toward an objective of electronic invoicing.
7.  For the purposes of shipping, using only recycled boxes and packaging materials.
8.  Set business computers for sleep mode when not in use.
9.  When engaging in product research, using 'Blackle' rather than 'Google' as our primary search engine.
10.  Using energy-efficient light bulbs.
11.  Design and produce products that will last from one generation to another.

    Our overall goal is to be sustainable, which involves a commitment to balance the economic, social and environmental impact of whatever we do.