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Toy Safety
     Homestead Folk Toys--Toy Safety Statement

At Homestead Folk Toys--toy safety has always been a top priority.
Through the years we have worked diligently to ensure our products are safe, educational, and fun.  We are pleased that the CPSC is now getting fully on board about requiring toys to be completely safe for America's children.  We are also pleased that they have decide to delay enforcement of these regulations until Feb. 2010 to allow the legislators to further clarify which products need testing and what full compliance actually entails.  Although this toy safety testing is a must, needless time and money spent testing items that contain no lead or plastic is cumbersome and will benefit no one--least of all the consumer.

That is why at Homestead Folk Toys we are utilizing the time extension to fully and methodically investigate each one of our products.  As you may know, most of our product line is handmade at our central facility utilizing natural products such as wood, cotton, wool, fabric, felt, natural dyes, ect.  All of these items are exempt under the current laws.  A select few of our items are outsourced and obtained by another American supplier.  We are working directly with those suppliers to obtain the complete certifications on those few items.  As always, we will continue to do our own spot-testing of these and other items for safety and functionality.  If you have any questions or concerns about any of our products, we welcome your phone call at
1-866-385-5526, or your email at  For more information about the current law and exemptions--go to and click on small businesses then look for the first section under testing table B for the current exempt materials.    We thank you for partnering with us in our mission to provide America's children with safe, educational fun.

Thank you,   George Rice
CEO Homestead Folk Toys