Homestead  Folk  Toys  offers  a  wide  variety  of nostalgic books ranging in topics from  old-time  toys  and games  to  manners and morals to education  that  reflect life in early America.    All of the books in the Homestead Publications series were penned or edited by   George A. Rice,  our  chief toy-maker ,   musician and folklorist  and have  been  widely  distributed  for  many, many years  in living  history  museums  everywhere  and  continue to be best-sellers.
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#119 FUN, SPORTS & PASTIMES~ This delightful 32-page book details organized games, sports & pastimes  from the Colonial and Victorian eras.  Features such activities as Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Horsemanship and  much more. Each page is illustrated with nostalgic illustrations.
#410 AN AMERICAN  MOTHER GOOSE COLLECTION~  This collection is based on the memories of Elizabeth Goose, the daughter of one of the Mayflower voyagers.   She    is believed by many to be the real  Mother Goose, who raised sixteen children and serenaded them with her songs and rhymes.
#901   CHILDREN'S MANNERS  &  MORALS~ This    best-selling    32-page book offers excerpts from early  American etiquette manuals of the 1700's & 1800's, describing acceptable behavior of the time--including   how to behave, table and classroom manners,  the art of writing, courting etiquette and much more.
#906 CHILDREN'S TEA  PARTIES~ Easy-to-read book for planning
an historical children's tea party.  Includes decorations, manners, place
settings, service manners, recipes for tea making and baked goods.           
    A delight for children and adults alike.  32 pages.
#646 PEG LOOM PROJECT BOOK~ Learn the basics of peg loom weaving with this easy-to-follow instruction book.  Designed as a basic project book for both our Early  American Peg Loom and our Little Hamlet Peg Loom.
#709 EASY-TO-MAKE EARLY AMERICAN FOLK DOLLS~ This classic book shows how to make 12 historical folk dolls such as the cornhusk doll, handkerchief doll, rag doll, spoon doll and many more.  Complete  history and directions included.
#907 CHILDREN'S TOYS & FASHIONS FROM LONG-AGO MAIL-ORDER  CATALOGS~  Contains 19th-century excerpts & original pricing from many of the very first mail-order catalogs in this county.  32 pages.
#BK102 AUTOMOBILES OF YESTERDAY~ An authentic reproduction of a vintage 1904 automobile manual.  Features illustrations of classic automobiles of the time, comparison and contrasts of  gas, steam and electric automobiles, and principles  of motor and designs. Features  nostalgic illustrations.    32 pages. 
#1001 CIVIL WAR-ERA RECIPES~ Historical sampling of Civil-War era  recipes, gathered from soldiers' diaries and other period sources.  Illustrated with etchings of the time, and featuring historical information  throughout the book. 32 pages.
#BK204 OLD PIONEER RECIPES~ Traditional pioneer recipes, reflecting how our   ancestors cooked in those rugged times.  Learn how native Americans taught them to grow certain vegetables and how they  raised their crops and tilled their lands.  32 pages.
#BK206 SHAKER RECIPES~ Delicious assortment of recipes from the 'kitchen sisters.' The Shakers were well-known for their cooking, craftsmanship, sense of  order , simplicity of life, and community.  The meals they prepared were simple and very tasty.  32 pages.
#834 HOMESTEAD 'BALLAD OF AMERICA'~Lyrical history of the United States as reflected in the songs, stories and music of more than 36 American folk songs.  Features such favorites as 'Simple Gifts,' 'Buffalo Gals' and many more.   36 pages.
#NA-2 SPIRIT WIND    ~  Songs for the Native American flute.  Selected songs from many tribes, such as 'Spirit Wind' and 'Red Sky Morning.'  Includes notated melodies and tablature instructions. 
Popular, traditional  melodies in the key of C, for instruments such as the harmonica, recorder, etc.  Includes such favorites as 'Camptown Races',  'London Bridge' and more.
#808 BIG MOUNTAIN FIDDLE TUNES BOOK~ Colorful collection of traditional American fiddle tunes.  Features such favorites as 'Possum Up the Tree,' 'Buttons and Bows' and many more.  Delightfully illustrated.
#823    24 EASY-TO-PLAY FIVE NOTE MELODIES IN D~  Delightful collection of tunes suitable for the Pennywhistle. Features such popular favorites as 'The Streets of Laredo', 'The Banks of the Ohio', 'Ode to Joy' and more. Excellent for beginners.
                          POCKET  BOOKS
       Our POCKET BOOKS  series  features an assortment of  smaller books,
  suitable to carry around in one's pocket or pocket book.  They are easy to
  display in a museum gift shop, on a rack or in a  small wicker basket and are
  very appealing to the eye.
#110 JUMP ROPE BOOK~ Our Jump Rope Book contains 18 historical children's jump rope rhymes and games.  Featured selections include:  "Suzie Doozy", "Miss Mary Mack", "I'm A Little Dutch Girl" and more.  20 pages.
#211 CHILDREN'S CARD GAMES~ Our Children Card Games Book includes the rules for 12 historical  card games, such as  Authors, concentration, My Ship Sails and War.  Includes the history of cards and fun card facts.  32 pages.
#402 ABC HORNBOOK IN AMERICA~ Traces the history and use of the hornbook in early American schools.  Includes a facsimile of a hornbook to cut out.  Features nostalgic illustrations.  32 pages.
#617 BEGINNING WEAVING PROJECTS~ For the beginning weaver.  Excellent companion to use with our Colonial Loom and My First Weaving Loom.  Includes history of weaving and instructions for  basic weaving as well as patterns and projects.  Excellent resource material for museum educators.
#620 WEAVING SONGS & GAMES~ Colorful collection of such weaving songs as 'Weaver in the Middle' and weaving games such as 'Pass the Yarn  Ball.' All contributions were gathered from England, Scotland and Ireland and brought to the new world.  32 pages.
# SBH-601  SINGLE-BOOK HOLDER~ Folding counter easels are ideal for books, cookbooks and music books.  Display on  a countertop, shelf, table or any flat surface.  Rubber white wire coated. 
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Big Mountain Fiddle Tunes Book
Children's Card Games Book
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24 Easy-to-Play Five Note Melodies
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#101 TOYS & GAMES FROM TIMES PAST~ Alphabetical
collection of old-time toys and games, such as Cup & Ball, Cat's
Cradle, Draughts, Marbles, Nine Pins, Quoits and more.  Features
nostalgic illustrations and game or activity rules or suggestions.                    32 pages.  NOT a pocket book size.
Toys & Games From Times Past
#626 THE BUTTON BOOK~ Delightful pocket book that includes button crafts, games, projects, history and complete button collecting information. Do you remember playing with buttons as a child?  32 pages.
Beyond Basic Knitting Book
#650 BEYOND BASIC KNITTING~ This book goes beyond the very basics of knitting simple rectangles, but is still within the grasp of young girls and boys.  Generously illustrated.
#1 Best Seller
Children's American Folklore
Children's Life in Colonial America
Best Seller
Best Seller
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Flora's Cuddly Bear Storybook
         Collection of 19th century cuddly bear stories. 
         Colorfully illustrated with period illustrations.