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We, at  Homestead Folk Toys, are continually introducing new    
(or as we call them, old) ideas.  This is almost always in response to museum buyers' requests, or the discovery of a new toy or idea discovered in  our exhaustive research process.  We invite you to check back periodically to see what we are currently
NEW 2012
We hope you enjoy these new product offerings and invite you to see your customers' reaction to them.  If you have any suggestions for new products or ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail, phone or fax.
#618-A   PAIR OF KNITTING NEEDLES~ Our  pair of knitting needles are made for us in the USA.  Easy to use with either 2 or 4-ply yarn.  Excellent for workshops.
Wooden Knitting Needles
#619-A   WOODEN CROCHET HOOK~ Our original hardwood crochet hook, designed for ease of use and for individual or group activity.    Ours exclusively.
#627-B  "A CHILD'S FIRST SAMPLER"~ Small, easy-to-stitch mini-sampler.   Includes 6" x6" 11-count aida cloth, tapestry needle, embroidery floss, graph and history.  An excellent beginner's cross-stitch project.
#640  TREASURE BEAD NECKLACE KIT~ Easy-to-make craft kit and an excellent introduction to beadwork.  Features easy lacing, colorful treasure beads and complete instructions.  Makes two necklaces.
Treasure Bead Necklace
#643 HOMESTEAD PEG LOOM~ Peg loom weaving is considered to be the fastest way of weaving on a frame loom.  Our set includes a jointed peg loom, measuring "6 x 10",   flat weaving needle, jumbo yarn  , and detailed instructions 
    The slanted pegs make it easier to keep the weaving in place.
Peg Loom Kit
#646  PEG LOOM PROJECT BOOK~ Learn the basics of peg loom weaving with this easy-to-follow instruction book.  Designed as a basic project book for both our Homestead Peg Loom and our Little Hamlet Peg loom.
#643-A   PEG LOOM KIT~ Assemble your own peg loom!  Creative group or individual activity!  Includes assembly directions, weaving instructions, jumbo yarn and flat weaving needle.
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Made in USA
#710-A   PLANTATION FOLK DOLL KIT~ These little dolls became popular in the southern United States around the time of the Civil War.  The dolls were often made for the children living on the plantation to role play. 
   This kit makes one black folk doll and one white folk doll.
                        Plantation history included.
#649 MY FIRST DROP SPINDLE~ Designed for smaller hands,  our drop spindle set is appropriate for ages 7 and up.  Learn to spin wool into yarn!  Comes complete with real wool roving and easy picture  instructions.  Comes unassembled.  7" long with a 2 1/2" whorl. 
#834 'BALLAD OF AMERICA' SONGBOOK~ Lyrical history of the United States as reflected in the songs, stories and music of more than 36 American folk songs.  Features such favorites as "Simple Gifts",  " Buffalo Gals" and many more.
Ballad of America Songbook
My First Drop Spindle
Peg Loom Weaving Projects Book
Planatation Folk Doll Kit
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#102-B    LIL' GRACES~ Smaller version of this historical game, designed for smaller hands.  Includes four 16" rods and two smaller ribbon-tied hoops, complete  instructions and history.  The 'Graces' game was intended to teach graceful movements to young ladies and , later, young gentlemen.
Small Graces
#703-CW Civil War Clothespin Doll Kit--The Clothespin Doll was  a staple in the Civil War-era.  Children often created dolls that reflected their imaginary roles in the war.  Our exclusive kit includes instructions  and materials to make 1 Union  and 1 Confederate soldier, with their respective battle flags. 
Civil war clothespin dolls
To see more Civil War Toys click here
civil war collection
Sailboat kit
#340 TOY SAILBOAT KIT~ Homemade toy sailboats were one of the most popular toys in early America.  Now you can re-create this nostalgic toy with this easy-to-assemble kit. 
Finished size is 7' 3/4 " by 5' 1/2 ".
#502  TRIANGLE PUZZLE~ New version of an old-time classic.  Try to jump pegs, one at a time, until only one peg remains.

triangle puzzle
This book goes beyond the very basics of knitting simple rectangles, but is still within the grasp of young girls and boys.  Generously illustrated.
NEW 2013
NEW 2011
#104-C   COLORFUL CLAY MARBLES~ Set of colorful, eye-appealing clay marbles, hand-made as they have been for decades.  Packaged with game bag and historical marble rules.  Includes 12 clay marbles in assorted colors and patterns, and 1 clay shooter.
NEW 2015
NEW--Homestead Nostalgic Book Collection--introducing 24 new books to our ever expanding collection of childrens, nostalgic and recipe books.  Such favorites as "Parlor Games" , "Tea Parties",  "Manners & Morals" and many more!
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Toys & Games from Times Past
NEW 2016
NEW-#215-H -Early American Playing Cards~Authentic reproduction of Early American Playing Deck. 52 Cards.  The back of the cards are blank as was common during this time.                                                               click here to go to site 

#325 PADDLEBALL~ The paddleball was a  direct descendant of the colonial Hornbook, Battledore   & Shuttlecock game. Our traditional  wooden paddleball package includes a  history card and      several  historical paddleball  games  and rhymes.
NEW 2017
         Collection of 19th century cuddly bear stories. 
         Colorfully illustrated with period illustrations.  
      Create your very own cuddly bear with this easy-to-make kit.
          No sewing required.  History and instructions included.
                 #341 FOREST SPINNING TOPS~
       Rustic Tops cut and crafted from native tree limbs.
                 Information on tree rings included.
NEW 2018
#342~ TOY PADDLEBOAT KIT~ Easy to assemble American Folk Toy. Complete assembly directions and history included.                     Measures 6 1/2" x 2 1/2".
#NA-20 PRINCESS POCAHONTAS NECKLACE KIT~ Our Princess Pocahontas Necklace Kit symbolizes the blending of the old world and the native cultures, a joining of woodland beads and English treasure. Makes one colorful wooden bead and
pendant necklace.  Beads may vary.
#344~ BALERO~ Traditional catch-and-toss toy. 
Swing the ball in an arc to catch it on the end of the peg or on either cup.