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        All of our historical folk toys, games, crafts & instruments
     are  packaged in clear, high-quality poly bags and include  a
     history card or historical header and instructions for use.

        Through the years,  customers   have  told  us  that they
    prefer this simplicity of packaging.  The simplicity of design
    gives more authenticity to the product, prolongs the shelf-
    life, avoids the appearance of  being mass-produced (and,
    incidentally, keeps the toys safe from the 'little hands' that
    we all love and adore in the gift shops).             
                                                                                                   Items on shelf at Jamestown 
The following are examples of our packaged toys:
#615 COLONIAL LOOM~ Our classic  Colonial Loom is packaged in a polybag with an etching of weaving on the front history sheet and complete weaving instructions on the inside.
#NA-5 MEDICINE  POUCH KIT~ One of our best selling Native American crafts.  The Medicine Pouch Kit is packaged in a clear poly bag and features Native  American packaging, historical information  and instructions.
#703 CLOTHESPIN DOLL KIT~ One of our most popular American folk crafts.  All of the doll components are carefully packaged in a  poly bag with complete instructions and history.  We also include a front card that shows the completed dolls.
# 303 & #304 CUP & BALL TOSS TOY~ Popular American folk toy .  Each toss toy is individually packaged with a history card.  Museum store buyers often unpackage one of  these toys for the children to test in the gift shop while leaving the others packaged, hanging them on hooks or displaying them in baskets or bins.
#624 BEGINNING QUILTING KIT~ Quilting is an extremely popular American craft.  Each of our quilt kits is packaged in a clear poly bag with history and instructions.  The quilt kits are neatly packaged, prominently displaying the colorful quilting squares.
#212 QUOITS~ This indoor version of the classic American ring toss toy is packaged in a clear poly bag, complete with playing instructions and game rules.
#106 HOPSCOTCH GAMES~ This popular historical folk game is packaged with game rules and history.  The chalk is individually packaged within the overall package to keep the chalk from rubbing off on the rest of the packaging.
#112 CLASSIC JACKS~  This traditional game set includes a cloth game pouch, twelve metal jacks and rubber and wooden balls for historical play.  The jacks are carefully packaged with the overall game pack to insure long shelf-life.

#208 NINE PINS~ This table-top game is packaged in a clear poly bag with game pins, wooden ball, cloth storage bag, history card and game rules.
#625 BUTTON  LOVER'S SET~ One of our most popular craft kits.  The buttons are carefully packaged separately from the instruction book to insure long shelf life.
#312 NATURAL YO-YO~  Our standard natural yo-yo   is individually  packaged in a poly bag and includes a history card, instructions and directions for  several yo-yo  tricks.
Colonial Loom
Medicine Pouch Kit
Clothespin Doll Kit
Cup and Ball Toss Toy
Beginning Quilt Kit
Table Top Quoits
Hopscotch Games
Classic Jacks
Nine Pins
Button Lover's Set
Natural Wooden YO-YO
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