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Early American Playing Cards
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    In the days of early America,playing cards were quite different than they are today.  Unlike modern cards, which use contemporary production materials and coatings, these primitive cards were made of non-coated cardstock and printed on just one side.The designs for the cards were taken from old wood engravings of the time.

    This deck of Early American Playing Cards includes 52 colorful reproduction playing cards, copied after authentic cards of Early America.  The backs of the cards are blank as was common for card decks during this time.
                                                              (Includes history of playing cards.) 

History of Playing Cards
    The origin of playing cards is a mystery.  Most authorities agree that cards were first used in ancient China more than 800 years ago.  Such cards may have reached Europe via the Crusaders returning from the Holy Land. 

    Cards appeared to have been an instant success once they arrived in Europe and the 52-card deck, also popular in France, became standard.  Around the end of the 15th century, this deck was transported to England and later carried to the colonies in the New World.

    In the mid-1800's, people of all classes began playing cards increasingly for fun.  With the newly-invented gas-light, people turned card playing into an absorbing "pastime" for the evenings.  Many of our standard card games were invented at this time. 

    Today, an average of 175 million decks of cards are manufactured annually in the US alone.  Indeed, card playing is widely acknowedged to be the most popular game activity of all time.
New Historic Paddleball Game
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We, at Homestead Folk Toys, are proud to introduce our newest model of an old favorite featuring a sturdy wooden paddle and strong elastic cord attached to a colorful rubber ball.  Good for hours of creative fun.  Each Paddleball is individually packaged and includes paddleball history, games, and rhymes.
#325-H $2.50/min 6 
New Historic Paddleball Game
"He who hits it
Should not miss it.
If he misses it
Out he goes."