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historical folk toys

Etiquette books have been popular in American culture for centuries. A very young George Washington was the first prominent American to place an emphasis on proper manners and behavior. In 1746, at the age of 14, Washington published his ''Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation." Other etiquette books were to follow and soon were all the rage in America.

Homestead Folk Toys has assembled 'items of interest' as regards etiquette, proper behaviour , added books of 'historical descriptions', and offers as follows:

CHILDREN'S MANNERS & MORALS--This ever-popular book offers selected excerpts and illustrations from period American etiquette manuals. The standard etiquette manuals of the time described acceptable behavior and maners at social engagements and encouraged proper behavior and the observance of the best manners possible 'wherever one might be.' #901
MANNERS & MORALS FOR YOUNG CHILDREN--This books is based on George Washington's "Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour in Company and Conversation." Published when Washington was just 14, these 110 rules reflected society's beliefs in manners for the time period. Among the most important of Washington's rules was the very last one, number 110: ''Labour to keep alive in your Breast that little fire of celestial might called Conscience...", a rule that was to govern Washington's decisions all his life. #902
PERSONAL BEAUTY--Personal Beauty was of the utmost importance to Victorian women. The proper adornment, the right hair shampoo, the proper application of make-up , all were considered to be of highly desired value. This book contains excerpts from the original period publication and is offered for all to enjoy. #903
CHILDREN's LIFE IN COLONIAL AMERICA--Describes the everyday life of typical colonial children--How they lived, the games they played, how they worked, what they ate, what they wore, how they were educated and much more. An excellent overall view of life in the earlier days of our country. #904
CHILDREN'S LIFE IN VICTORIAN AMERICA--This book focuses on the life of what we now call typical American 'victorian' children---What they ate, how they lived, how they dressed, how they were educated and so much more. #905
CHILDREN'S TEA PARTIES--Traditions, recipes, tips and tidbits--Easy to read book for planning a traditional tea party-- Decorations, manners, place settings, serving manners and much more. Recipes for tea making and baked goods are also included. #906


CHILDREN'S TOYS & FASHIONS FROM LONG-AGO MAIL ORDER CATALOGS--In the 19th-century, mail-order catalogs began to appear all across the country. For the first time in American history, people from anywhere in the United States could order items from a printed catalog and have them delivered. The amount of space devoted to children's toys and fashions expanded as more and more emphasis was placed on the development of children. The original text has been preserved in this sampling as well as the pricing. #907
TRADITIONAL HAND FAN: Hand fans have served as a fashion accessory for centuries. In the latter half of the 18th century and well into the 19th century, hand fans were also used to communicate certain affections or intentions. This was known as 'Fanology" or the secret language of fans.

Our traditional wooden hand fan is packaged individually and includes fan history as well as many of the secret fan signals.


GOODY TWO SHOES--This beloved 'pocket book' is believed to be the earliest known children's story in English. In the story, Miss Goody Two Shoes only owned one shoe. One day she ran through the streets and neighborhoods, accosting passersby and announcing that she had "Two shoes! Two shoes!" The title of the book has now become a household phrase, "Little Miss Goody Two-Shoes." #909
COURTING CUSTOMS IN AMERICA--Through all of American history, many colorful courtship customs have developed. The study of courtship customs has always provided food for thought--What was courting like back then? And how has it changed to this day in time..This book offers selected excerpts and illustrations from period courting and etiquette guides and manuals. #910

historical folk toys

homestead folk toys

historical folk toys

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