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historical folk toys

Native Americans taught the early settlers many of the crafts and games we know today, and, in many cases, enabled them to survive in this new land. The Native American crafts & games from Homestead Folk Toys are reminders of those long-ago times and are fun activities for today's children.

One of the greatest legacies the Native Americans left was their music. The 'StoryTeller' flute we offer is the traditional six-hole model, made of weather-resistant materials and decorated with beads and feathers. Includes fingering chart and basic instructions. #NA-1


Songs for the Native American Flute--Selected songs from many tribes, designed as a companion book for our 'StoryTeller' flute. Includes notated melodies and instructions to write the melodies in tablature form. #NA-2

TOMAHAWK KIT--The tomahak has always been associated with the Native Americans. Our Tomahawk contains a notched hardwood handle, wooden blade and suede lace. #NA-3
NATIVE AMERICAN BEAD RING KIT--Crafting bead rings has always been a favorite children's activity. Our Bead Ring Kit contains materials to make three bead rings. #NA-4
MEDICINE POUCH KIT--Popular Native American craft kit. Contains pre-punched suede, fringe, lacing and instructions to make one Native American medicine pouch. (Approx. 3" x 3" plus fringe and neck cord). #NA-5
WEB-WEAVING--Native Americans have been weaving string games similar to Cat's Cradle for centuries. Our Web-Weaving package includes directions for weaving these fascinating string figures and thick, durable cordage. #NA-6
GOD'S EYE KIT--Exellent beginners crafts. Recreate southwestern Indian ceremonial shields, using yarn and dowels. Each package makes two God'e eyes. #NA-7
INDIAN FIRE DRILL--This primitive tool was used to drill holes in wood , stone or to make jewelry. This safe-to-use drill features a blunt wooden tip on the drill to use for demonstration or play purposes. #NA-8
CANOE KIT--This easy-to-assemble kit is one of our most popular Native American crafts and features pre-punched suede, lacing, seat, base and painting instructions. #NA-9
DREAM CATCHER KIT--Native Americans often crafted Dream Catchers so that the good dreams of children would be captured and preserved. Contains metal ring, leather craft, beads and sinew to make one dream catcher. #NA-10
NATIVE AMERICAN TEPEE KIT--EAsy to make suede toy tepee kit. Includes all materials needed to make one tepee along with painting directions. #NA-11
RING-IN-RING GAME--Colorful ring/toss game adapated from the traditional Native American Ring Toss Game. Either toss the small ring inside the larger ring while on the ground or while hanging. #NA-12
CORNCOB DART GAME---Fun-to-play Native American game. Hang the rope ring from a tree branch and toss the feathered corncobs through it. Includes one rope ring and two feathered corncob darts. #NA-13
ARROWHEADS--Newly -made stone arrowheads, perfect for collecting, crafting or jewelry-making. Each arrowhead is individually packaged with history card. #NA-14
SPIRIT STICK--Native American children often played with arrowheads and fashioned their own little play weapons by attaching them to a stick with leather lacing. Our Spirit Stick is a fun to use toy and includes a genuine arrowhead. #NA-15
NATIVE AMERICAN ROCK-PAINTING KIT--Encourage kids of all ages to recreate the famous rock paintings of the Native America. Includes genuine river rocks, paints, paint brush, instructions and rock painting history, #NA-16

historical folk toys

homestead folk toys

historical folk toys

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