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The history of music is as rich and diverse as the population of this great country. Colonial settlers brought ballads and instruments with them from England. Later in history , ships from Africa brought an even more diverse mixture of rhythm and instruments. Many other songs and instruments were to come over later with the Dutch, German and Irish settlers.

We have assembled a variety of inexpensive folk instruments that truly represent this rich heritage of American music. Our quality musical instruments are easy to learn, safe, and most important of all, fun to play.


Play many one-octave melodies on this lap harp, based on early 16th-century models. With the psaltery harp, you can play by ear, with music or by sliding the song sheet under the strings to play. Comes complete with tuning key, pick and 12 song sheets to begin playing right away. Songs include such favorites as Shenandoah, On Top of Old Smoky, Amazing Grace, the First Noel and more. The Psaltery Harp measures 13" x 6 1/2" x 2 1/2" #827


Easy to assemble table-top music stand . Accomodates all of our music books and makes playing our instruments more fun. #805


This book is a delightful companion for our Psaltery Harp but also works well with all of our folk instruments. Includes such popular favorites as Sweet Betsy From Pike, Amazing Grace , Red River Valley, On Top of Old Smoky, and more. #822


Delightful little 5-string harp. Lightweight, hand-held instrument. Play by ear, with music or slide the song sheet under the strings. Boxed instrument includes tuning key, pick and 12 song sheets to start playing right away. Favorite songs include: The Streets of Laredo, The Banks of the Ohio, Ode to Joy and more. #828


Colorful collection to be used with our Piccolo Kantele Harp or our Little Black Pennywhistle. Features Ode to Joy, The Banks of the Ohio, The Streets of Laredo and other melodies from the old and new worlds. #822

BEGINNER'S HARMONICA--Excellent quality 10 hole (20 note) harmonica in the key of C, perfect for the beginning or more advanced player. Includes basic playing instructions and easy-to-play tunes. #818
JAW HARP-- Popular folk instrument. Played by holding to the mouth and striking the vibrating 'tongue.' Complete playing instructions included. #819-J
LITTLE BLACK PENNYWHISTLE--Common folk instrument in early American households. The pennywhistle was also known more widely as a tin whistle. Our Little Black Pennywhistle is pitched in the key of D and includes complete playing instructions and fingering chart. #819-LBP
PLASTIC RECORDER--The recorder still remains the most popular children's instrument in the world. Our recorder, pitched in C, includes basic playing instructions and fingering chart. #819-PR
OCARINA--Genuine clay, hand-painted ocarina. Each ocarina comes with a fingering chart, playing instructions and sample tunes. #819-O
MINI-OCARINA--Always a popular favorite with children, because it is easy to play and can be worn around the neck. Includes basic playing instrucions and fingering chart. Made of ABS plastic. Key of C. #819-MO
FIFES--The fife was a popular instrument in early American households. The Solid Brass Fife is pitched in B flat and features a professional embochure plate. The Plastic Fife is made from ABS plastic and is pitched in C. Both come with instructions and fingering charts. #1003 Brass Fife #1004 Plastic Fife
BAMBOO-FLUTE--Genuine bamboo flute, played like a recorder. Features a nice mellow tone. Packaged with history and fingering chart. #817
ALL-AMERICAN KAZOO--Popular folk instrument that anyone can play! Made today of metal, as they were in the mid-1800's. Complete playing instructions included. #816
CHILDREN'S XYLOPHONE--This lap-top 8-note wooden xylophone is fun and easy-to-play. Our children's xylophone set includes xylophone, a pair of wooden mallets and easy-to-play song booklet. Measures 6 1/2" long. #819
FINGER CYMBALS--Popular rhythm instrument for children and adults alike. Used to accompany instrumental and vocal music for centuries . #831
CLAVES--Quality solid hardwood claves. Our Claves rhythm set includes clave rhythm pattern sheet and instructions. Measures 6 1/2" long. #812
BOX SHAKER--Traditional rhythm instrument. Simply grasp the instrument and shake. Create many varied and interesting patterns. Made from American hardwoods. Approx. 3" x 2". #810
TOY DRUMSTICKS--Set of toy drumsticks, suitable for reenacting, drumming or pretend-play. Includes Revolutionary or Civil War history card or information on the role of toy drums in America. #813 Toy Drumsticks #814 Civil War Toy Drumsticks or #815 Revolutionary War Toy Drumsticks
Twenty-Four Easy-To-Play Traditional Melodies-- Features such popular favorites as Simple Gifts, Sourwood Mountain, Oh Susannah, Aura Lee and more. #820
Twenty-Four Easy-To-Play Nursery Rhymes & Children's Songs----Children's songs have always been popular in our culture. This collection of the 'wee-ones' songs includes Pop Goes the Weasel, Hot Cross Buns, London Bridge , Where is Thumbkin and more. #821
Twenty-Four Easy-To-Play One-Octave Melodies - This song book is 'Very Useful' with our Psaltery Harp or any other instument in c. Features such favorites as Red River Valley, Shendoah, Amazing grace and many more.#822
Twenty-Four Easy-To-Play Five-Note Melodies in D--Colorful collection of melodies , all in the key of D. Great for using with our Little Black Pennywhistle and our Piccolo Kantele. #823
May Carols-- Delightful collection of medieval and rensaissance melodies as brought to America by later settlers. Includes All In A Garden Green, The Merry Month of May and more. #824
BIG MOUNTAIN FIDDLE TUNES BOOK--Colorful collection of well-known American fiddle tunes, such as 'Possum Up the Tree,' 'Buttons and Bows,' 'Down In Yonder Cornfield" and more. #808

#807 19 Delightful Meloldies in c

#801 Little Minstrel Harp

#802 Angel Harp

#806 Traditional Five-Note Melodies

#803 Five-Note Thumb Piano

#804 Five-Note Children's Xylophone

#819-A Tambourine

#820 Hand Frame Drum

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