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american history folk toys
historical folk toys historical folk toys

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historical folk toys


"History is not just wars and governments and changes in the way people live. It is people themselves, doing things. And among those people are boys and girls who go to school, play games, and enjoy toys.

Dolls, rocking horse, toys soldiers, marbles, toys from the simplest ball...have existed from remote times. And the people of early America were no different from any other children in history. They had toys: Soldiers, chariots and carriages, little theaters, Noah's arks, dolls, toy kitchens, jacknives, kites, musical instruments,every kind of thing that they or the adults around them could afford or imagine.

To read about the toys American children to find out just how lively the children of the past were and to discover a great deal abou their lives..."

John Loeper--The Shop on High Street

In the Museum of American Folk Toys, we have assembled a delightful collection of historical folk toys,toys from times past, traditional dolls and games. folk dolls and an assortment of time-honored folk crafts that have stood the test of time. When possible, each toy or object is identified by type , date and region.

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only American Historical Folk Toys company offering this online museum. We hope you enjoy our selections..

historical folk toys

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