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historical folk toys

"I don't think we can have a war without music."--Robert E. Lee

Throughout the ages, children have mimicked the sounds and action of warfare. During the Revolutionary and Civil Wars in this country, children played with homemade drumsticks and drums, fifes and whistles. Even the soldiers, themselves, turned to making music to ease the strife or warfare.

During the Revolutionary and Civil Wars in Ameria, fifers and drummers were attached to each company of men. These young musicians were generally between the ages of 10 and 16 and provided music in camp and on the march. They also conveyed battle commands to the soldiers.


Two toy field drums, each high in quality, yet distinctive in design. Both drums are manufactured by Noble and Cooley, a company that has been making drums during the Civil War and ever since.#370 is a lithographed drum with a patriotic design embossed on it. #400 is a replica "cord & ear" drum, strung with white cord and leather ears. Both drums are packaged in a corrugated sleeve.

TOY DRUMSTICKS--Fun for actual practice or reenacting. Children love to play with these. Each set is individually packaged with a history card. #813 TOY DRUMSTICKS is packaged with a history card relating the role of the toy drum in America. #814 CIVIL WAR DRUMSTICK features the role of drummers in the Civil War and #815 REVOLUTIONARY WAR DRUMSTICKS features the role of drummers in the Revolutionary War
FIFES--The fife was a popular instrument in early American households and was prominently featured in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars in this country. The SOLID BRASS FIFE #1003 is pitched in B flat and features a professional embouchure plate. The PLASTIC FIFE #1004 is constructed from ABS plastic and is pitched in C. Both come with playing instrucions and fingering chart.
REVOLUTIONARY WAR SIGNAL WHISTLE--Signal whistles played an important role in signalling commands to the sharpshooters of the Light Infantry companies during the Revolutionary War. Our version is based on a period example and comes complete with historical information and sample whistle signals. #1006
CIVIL WAR-ERA COOKBOOK--This is a collection of authentic Civil-War-era recipes adapted for the modern kitchen. The recipes come from soldier's diaries and period journals. In many cases, the recipes are also given in their original "cooking over an open fire" concept. #1001
JAMES FORT KIT--Recreate the original James Fort, the site of the first permanent setttlement in this new land. Includes instructions, history and even a colorful flag to fly over the fort! #1005
HOMESTEAD FOLK TOYS ALSO OFFERS: #1007 Civil War Toy Cannon #1008 Revolutionary War Toy Cannon

historical folk toys

homestead folk toys

historical folk toys

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