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American Folk Instruments
        American folk instruments have  played  an  integral  part  in
   the cultural development of America; they have helped in defining
   who  we  are  as  a  country  and  what  it means to be an American. 
   The history of  our  music is truly rich and diverse.
        Colonial  settlers  brought  ballads  and  instruments with them
   from  England.    Later,  ships  from  Africa  brought  a strangely
   different  mix  of  rhythm  and  instruments.    Many other songs
   and  instruments  came  to  America  with  the  Canadian,   Dutch,
   German  and  Irish settlers.
       Homestead  Folk  Toys,  Games,   Crafts and Instruments has
   assembled  a  variety  of  inexpensive folk instruments that truly
   represent  this  rich heritage of American folk music.  Our quality
    instruments are easy to learn, safe, and most importantly, fun
   fun to play. 
Boy Playing Bamboo Flute
Made in USA
#834 'BALLAD OF AMERICA' SONGBOOK~ Lyrical history of the United States as reflected in the songs, stories and music of more than 36 American folk songs.  Features such favorites as "Simple Gifts",  " Buffalo Gals" and many more.
#819-J  JAW HARP~ Centuries-old folk instrument.  Played by holding to the mouth and striking the 'tongue.'  Complete playing instructions and history included.  Always a favorite.
#819-LBP   PENNYWHISTLE~ Also known as a 'tin whistle', this instrument was common in early American households.  Pitched in the key of D and includes a complete playing instructions and fingering chart.  Available in black or red.
#819-MO MINI-OCARINA~ This easy-to-play musical instrument has been around for  decades.    Made of abs plastic, with 5 finger holes.  Range is one octave plus one note.  Colors will vary.  Includes basic playing instructions and sample songs.
#819-PR  PLASTIC RECORDER~ Most popular children's musical instrument in the world.  Our recorder is pitched in C and includes basic playing instructions and fingering chart.
#816  ALL-AMERICAN KAZOO~ Popular folk instrument that anyone can play!  Made today of metal, as they were in the  mid-1800'S.  Complete playing instructions included.
#817 LARGE BAMBOO FLUTE~ Genuine bamboo flute, played like a recorder.  Each bamboo flute is unique as no  two  pieces of bamboo are alike.  Features a   pleasing and mellow sound.  History   and fingering chart included.  Imported from India.  12" long.
#818 BEGINNER'S HARMONICA~ Excellent quality 10 hole    (20 note) harmonica in the key of C, perfect for the beginning player.  Includes history,  basic instructions and simple tunes.
#813  TOY DRUMSTICKS~ Set of wooden toy drumsticks, for for play-pretend or for reenacting.  Ours exclusively.  Available  in three packagings: #813  Toy Drumsticks   or #814 Civil War Drumsticks or #815 Revolutionary War Drumsticks.
#831 FINGER CYMBALS~ Popular rhythm instrument .  Finger cymbals have been used to accompany singing or instrumental ensemble work  ever since the  middle ages.  Packaged with history card.
#001 HOMESTEAD MEMORIES CD~ Instrumental collection of American folk songs and melodies, as recorded by George Rice, our chief toy-maker.   Features such songs as:  "Long, Long Ago'   "Simple Gifts"  "The Ash Grove" and many more.  Instrumentation :  Piano and Heartwarming strings.  Free promotional CD with purchase of 6 or more CDs. 
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Jaw Harp
Little Black Penny Whistle
Mini Ocarina
Plastic Recorder
All - American Kazoo
Large Bamboo Flute
Beginner's Harmonica
Toy Drumsticks
Homestead Memories CD
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Boy Playing Bamboo Flute
Doll Kits
#808 BIG MOUNTAIN FIDDLE TUNES BOOK~ Colorful collection of traditional American fiddle tunes.  Features such favorites as 'Possum Up the Tree,' 'Buttons and Bows' and many more.  Delightfully illustrated.
Big Mountain Fiddle Tunes Book