Etiquette has played a prominent role in the cultural
  development of early America.  A  very  young  George
  Washington was the first prominent American to place
   an emphasis on proper manners and behavior. 
      In  the  Victorian  era,  the language of the hand fan
  came into popular use, as the evolving rules of  courtship
  became more formalized. 
     Increasingly,  more  and  more  standard   etiquette
  manuals  began  to  describe  acceptable  behavior and
  manners  at  social  engagements,   encouraging proper
     behavior and the observance of the best  manners possible.
Early American Etiquette
Children's Manners and Morals
Lil' Graces
Handkerchief Doll Kit
Traditional Victorian Hand Fans
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#901   CHILDREN'S MANNERS  &  MORALS~ This    best-selling  32-page book offers excerpts from early  American etiquette manuals of the 1700's & 1800's, describing acceptable behavior of the time--including   how to behave, table and classroom manners,  the art of writing, courting etiquette and much more.
#908 TRADITIONAL HAND FAN~ Our traditional wooden hand fan is packaged individually and includes fan history as well as many of the secret fan signals that were used to communicate affections or intentions in the days of early American courtship.
#906  CHILDREN'S  TEA  PARTIES~ Easy-to-read book for planning an historical children's tea party.  Includes decorations, manners, place setting, service manners, recipe for tea making and baked goods.  A delight for children and adults alike.  32 pages.
Children's Toys & Fashions from Long Ago Mail-order Catalogs
#907 CHILDREN'S TOYS & FASHIONS FROM LONG-AGO MAIL-ORDER  CATALOGS~  Contains 19th-century excerpts & original pricing from many of the very first mail-order catalogs in this country.  32 pages.
#102-B    LIL' GRACES~ Smaller version of this historical game, designed for smaller hands.  Includes four 16"throwing rods and two smaller ribbon-tied hoops, complete  instructions and history.  The 'Graces' game was intended to teach graceful movements to young ladies and , later, young gentlemen.
#702 HANDKERCHIEF DOLL KIT~ Popular doll activity both during the colonial and Victorian eras in America.  Our Handkerchief Doll Kit contains materials to make and 'lace' one traditional 'play-prettie' doll.  Handkerchief dolls  were known as   'Church' toys  in days gone by, as they were used to keep girls quiet during the long church services.
#407 MAKE YOUR OWN GOOSE QUILL PEN~ Make your own goose quill, as used in early American society.     Learning correct penmanship was  an  important social grace in those days.  Includes complete directions for fashioning the pen and making homemade ink.
#336 LADY ANNE'S CAROSELLO RING-TOSS TOY~ Delightful ring-toss toy that dates back to the early Renaissance!  Toss the ribboned ring in the air and try to catch it on the rod.  Includes the complete history of this fascinating toy.  This toy was used to teach  graceful movements.
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Courting Customs in America
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