In the days of early American life, children had many
  chores to perform, including carrying wood, husking corn,
  gathering berries, leading oxen, carding wool, gathering
  eggs and churning butter.
     When children did have time to play, they enjoyed
  the same games that their parents and grandparents
  had played when they were young. One popular outdoor
  pastime was the game of Graces. Other fun games
  included quoits, marbles, and five- stones.
   In the historical days of early American life, these
  games taught children skills they would use later in life. 
  They learned how to do things with their hands, how to aim
  and throw, solve problems, follow directions and rules,
  and how to use their imaginations.
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#102 GRACES~ Historical two-player game.  One player flings the ribboned hoop  with two throwing rods and the other player catches the hoop with one or both rods.  Includes four 18-inch wands and two ribbon-tied hardwood hoops, complete instructions and history.
#101 TOYS & GAMES FROM TIMES PAST~ Alphabetical collection of  old-time toys and games, such as Cup & Ball, Cat's Cradle, Draughts, Marbles, Nine Pins, Quoits and more.  Features nostalgic illustrations.  32 pages.
#102-B    LIL' GRACES~ Smaller version of this historical game, designed for smaller hands.  Includes four 16"throwing rods and two smaller ribbon-tied hoops, complete  instructions and history.  The 'Graces' game was intended to teach graceful movements to young ladies and , later, young gentlemen.
#104 CLAY MARBLES~ Traditional set of clay marbles, hand-rolled as they were in the days of colonial America.  Packaged with  game bag and historical marbles games .  Includes 12 clay marbles and 1 clay marble shooter.
#105 TRUNDLING HOOP & ROLL~ In the historical days of early America playing with rolling hoops and sticks was a favorite pastime.  The object of this  outdoor game is to set the hoop in motion and keep it going with the 'trundling'    T-stick.  Includes complete history and directions.
#106 HOPSCOTCH~ Also known as 'Scotch-Hopping,'  and a favorite game of children for centuries. Includes jumbo sidewalk chalk, five game pucks, cloth game bag and selected historical Hopscotch games.  A very popular early American pastime. 
#107 FIVESTONES~ Historical American wooden folk version of Jacks.  Fivestones was played extensively in colonial America.  Includes five wooden 'jacks ' or 'stones',  cloth game bag, history and traditional game rules. 
#108 'Ring the Hob' QUOITS~ Classic outdoor version of the Quoits ring-toss game.  Can also be played indoors, as well, where space is available.  Includes wooden pegged base, two rope rings and historical playing rules.
#109 JUMP ROPE SET~ Our  early American jump rope set includes one six-foot jump rope with wooden handles and a pamphlet featuring an assortment of jump rope rhymes and games, popular since the colonial days of America.
#111 GLASS MARBLES SET~ Marble games are played today much the way they were in the days of colonial America.  Our Marbles set includes 30 glass marbles,     2 shooters, cloth game bag and standard rules for several historical marbles games.
#112 CLASSIC JACKS~ Our historical game set includes twelve metal jacks, cloth game bag, one rubber and one wooden ball (for historical play) and rules for five traditional jacks games, as popular today as they were in days gone by.
#113 MARBLE SHOOTER~ The 'pull and shoot' action of this classic American folk toy enables more accurate marble shooting.  Standard  packaging  includes complete instructions and four colorful marbles.
#115 HAND PROPELLER~ World's oldest flying machine, made in the USA!   Always popular at historical gatherings, parties, camping trips and other outdoor events.  Includes complete history and  directions.
#117  HORNBOOK BATTLEDORE & SHUTTLECOCK~  Standard early American 'bat the cork feather shuttlecock' back and forth.   Includes two wooden paddles,
  shuttlecock and  historical game rules and rhymes.
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Hand Rolled Clay Marbles
Marble Shooter
#104-C COLORFUL CLAY MARBLES~ Set of colorful, eye-appealing clay marbles, hand-made as they have been for decades.  Packaged with game bag and historical marble rules.  Includes 12 clay marbles in assorted colors and patterns, and 1 clay shooter.
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