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#701 COLONIAL SPOON DOLL KIT~ Make an early American spoon doll from a child's sized wooden spoon.  Contains materials  to make and outfit one keepsake spoon doll.  A popular colonial doll craft for girls of all ages.
      #702 HANDKERCHIEF DOLL KIT~ Popular doll activity both
during the colonial and Victorian eras in America.  Our Handkerchief
Doll Kit contains materials to make and 'lace' one traditional 'play-prettie' doll.  
Handkerchief dolls  were known as 'Church' toys  in days gone by, as they 
        were used to keep girls quiet during the long church services.
         #703 CLOTHESPIN DOLL KIT~Our
'whittled-peg'clothespin doll kit includes materials
make and outfit one boy and one girl clothespin doll.     

   The Native Americans taught this simple craft to the early settlers.
Our cornhusk doll kit contains materials to  make one  cornhusk doll. 
This is the easiest of all our cornhusk doll kits and can be easily taught to
                                 young ones in classroom situations.
#706 EARLY AMERICAN CORNHUSK DOLL KIT~ The early settlers learned to outfit these simple cornhusk dolls.  Felt was readily available in many of the early settlements and the scraps were often used to outfit these dolls.  Makes one traditional  historical cornhusk doll.
#707 NATIVE AMERICAN CORNHUSK DOLL KIT~ Native Americans often used corn silks or horsehair to adorn their cornhusk dolls.   Our Native American Cornhusk Doll Kit contains cornhusks and genuine horsehair to make one traditional cornhusk  doll.
#710 POCKET FOLK DOLL KIT~ Mothers lovingly crafted these little dolls for early child's play.  Kit includes fabric, needle, stuffing, floss and complete instructions.  Makes 2 pocket folk dolls, approximately 3 " high.
#710-A   PLANTATION FOLK DOLL KIT~ These little dolls became popular in the southern United States around the time of the Civil War.  The dolls were often made for the children living on the plantation to role play.  This kit makes one black folk doll and one white folk doll. Plantation history included.
#715 RAG DOLL KIT~ The early American rag doll is often referred to as a child's first toy. Our original Rag Doll kit includes all materials to make one authentic 'pancake style'  doll.  The finished doll is approximately 11 1/2"  tall and is sure to become a keepsake.
   For centuries, dolls have been crafted by mothers for their children, using a variety of household materials.   In the   days of the early  American  settlements, girls  and  their  mothers crafted dolls of ordinary household materials such as wooden spoons, whittled  clothes-pegs, yarn, buttons, rags, socks and cornhusks.   Later,  calico  fabrics,  felt  and    handkerchiefs became widely available and were used for doll-crafting.
  These  historical  folk  dolls  were  often a little girl's best play-friend.  A child could pretend her folk doll  was carrying on   a  conversation,  crying,  laughing  or  helping  out    with household chores.   Today, these historical folk dolls are as popular as ever.
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Handkerchief Doll
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Rag Doll Kit
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Early American Knot Doll
#718~EARLY AMERICAN KNOT DOLL~ Knot dolls were popular in the early colonial days and have remained so for generations thereafter.  This simple doll was knotted and not stitched.  NO SEWING !  This knot doll kit contains materials to make and outfit one historical doll.  Complete history included.