Native American
Games & Crafts
     Native American girls and boys played with toys and games
  that  helped  them learn  tribal traditions and  beliefs.   Their
  parents and grandparents made  small baskets,    pump drills,
  medicine pouches, god's eyes and toy canoes for the children
  to enjoy.
     They  also  taught  the  children  to  learn  the    basics   of
  crafting, both for  childhood enjoyment and for the necessity
  of daily tribal life.     Dolls were made by young and old alike,
  from materials such as cornhusks and animal skins. They also
  wove cornhusk mats, made toy tepees and bead rings.
     Although these days seem to be long past, Homestead Folk
  Toys hopes,  by  providing  a  wide  variety  of  crafts, toys and
  games,that Native American culture will be continually passed
  from one generation to the next, each recreating this colorful history.  
Girl with Medicine Pouch

#NA-2  SPIRIT WIND SONGBOOK~ Songs for the Native American flute, including selected songs, such as 'Red Sky Morning' and 'Spirit Wind' from many tribes.  Includes notated melodies and tablature instructions.
#NA-3 TOMAHAWK KIT  ~ Our Native American Tomahawk kit includes a slotted hardwood handle, wooden blade and suede lace.  Finished size measures 11 1/2" x 5".  Tomahawk  history included.
#NA-5 MEDICINE POUCH KIT~ Popular Native American craft kit.  Contains pre-punched felt, fringe, lacing and instructions to make one small Native American medicine pouch.  Finished size is approximately 5" x7".
#NA-7 GOD'S -EYE KIT~ Excellent introductory craft, that is universally known by its Spanish name 'Ojo de Dios".  Recreate southwestern Native American ceremonial shields, using yarn and dowels.  Each package makes two God's eyes.  Complete instructions and history included.
#NA-8 NATIVE AMERICAN PUMP DRILL~ This primitive tool was used to  drill holes in wood, stone or to make jewelry.  This safe-to-use drill features a blunt woodn tip at the bottom to use for demonstration or play purposes.  History and directions included.
#NA-10  DREAM CATCHER KIT~ Based on Native American folklore, our Dream Catcher Kit  makes one traditional Dream Catcher, using  a jute-covered ring,    beads, sinew and feathers.  Complete history included.
#NA-11  NATIVE AMERICAN TEPEE KIT~ Easy-to-make suede toy tepee kit.  Includes all materials needed to make one suede tepee, along with painting directions.  Finished size is approximately 3" x 2 1/2". Complete history included.
#NA-13  CORNCOB DART GAME~ Fun-to-play Native American game.  Hang  the rope ring from a tree branch and toss the feathered corncobs through it.  Includes one rope ring and two feathered corncob darts,  and complete history.
#NA-14  ARROWHEADS~ Newly-made replica jasper arrowheads, perfect for crafting, collecting or jewelry-making.  Each arrowhead is individually packaged with a  history card.  No two alike.
# 707 NATIVE AMERICAN CORNHUSK DOLL KIT~ Native Americans often used corn silks or horsehair to adorn their cornhusk dolls.  Our Native American cornhusk Doll kit contains  cornhusks and genuine horsehair to make one traditional cornhusk doll.  History included.
#NA-15 NATIVE AMERICAN BULL ROARER~ Traditional Native American noise-making toy.  Swing the paddle in a circular motion over your head, and hear the loud roaring noise, similar to the rushing of the wind.  History included.
#NA-16  NATIVE AMERICAN ROCK PAINTING KIT~ Encourage children of all ages to recreate the rock  paintings of the Native Americans.  Our exclusive kit includes river rocks, paints, brush and complete directions.  Fun and easy to do.
Spirit Wind Songbook
Native American Cornhusk Doll
Dream Catcher Kit
Native American Rock Painting Kit
God's Eye Kit
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Native American Bull Roarer
Native American Tepee Kit
Medicine Pouch Kit
Tomahawk Kit
Corncob Dart Game
Girl with Medicine Pouch Kit
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Princess Pocahontas Necklace Kit
#NA-20 PRINCESS POCAHONTAS NECKLACE KIT~ Our Princess Pocahontas Necklace Kit symbolizes the blending of the old world and the native cultures, a joining of woodland beads and English treasure. Makes one colorful wooden bead and pendant necklace. 
                                Beads may vary.
Native American Pump Drill