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    HOMESTEAD FOLK TOYS, GAMES & CRAFTS is an historically-based folk toy company located in the            historical village of Nashville, Indiana, an area long noted for its fine craftsmanship, Homestead Folk Toys
    represents the work of George Rice, a nationally known toymaker and author.  Homestead Folk Toys is            George's second venture in the field of American folk toys.  His former business was a hugely successful ,      internationally-known folk toy  business. 
  When George decided to found a new company, he selected the name Homestead  Folk Toys, a name chosen       from his self-produced instrumental CD, "Homestead Memories."  Using the product research, development and design techniques that he had perfected with  his first business, George proceeded to develop a company that carries virtually ALL the products he had previously developed AND over 75 new and exciting product offerings!  In addition, George added a popular line of nostalgic books to compliment his offerings.
  All of the product offerings have been carefully researched and designed by George to insure historical         accuracy; Toys such as the Hornbook, Battledore and Shuttlecock, 'Ring the Hob' Outdoor Quoits, Native      American Corncob Darts game, Five Stones, Marble-Shooter and the incredibly popular 'Hand Fan.'
  With the  aid of four  generations of toymakers, George is committed to producing  historically accurate        American-made folk toys.  Through Homestead Folk Toys, he is able to provide quality folk toys at                 reasonable competitive prices.  Homestead Folk Toys puts the customer first with its fast and friendly service. 
100% Customer Satisfaction  is the motto.
  Many of you have known George and all that he has contributed to the
  field of American folk toys for years.  George and his staff genuinely
  appreciate all your support through the years, a tradition  that began
  in 1973, and look forward to serving you for years to come...
           Step one in producing a folk toy is milling selected logs  into
           dimensional lumber.  All of our Made-in-the-USA folk toys are
           crafted from American hardwoods, such as birch, beech, maple,
           poplar, oak and sassafras.
                                                               The next step is the actual crafting process. 
                                                               All of our Made-in-the-USA folk toys and
                                                               crafts are hand-made in
                                                               our local woodworking facility, carrying on the tradition
                                                               that began in a colonial woodworking shop such as this one.
                                                               We have several other woodworkers located    across
                                                               Indiana , who have been trained to  craft these items
                                                               with the same specifications and  dedication to quality
                                                               and detail.
      Carrying on a  centuries-old tradition, the completed folk toys
      and many of our other items, such as as the folk doll kits and 
      craft kits, are assembled in  our rustic setting in Brown County.
      This log cabin is typical of the types of buildings  that have
      been used for home-crafting through the years.
                                                 Many of our American folk craft kits, such as our Drop Spindle kit
                                                 and  Colonial Loom, Homestead Peg Loom  and My First Weaving Loom,
                                                 require the use of wool roving and natural yarns, when possible. 
                                                A nearby sheep farm produces thousands of pounds of carded sheep's
                                                fleece  annually and remains a reliable source for crafters
George Rice
George Rice Founder and Owner of Homestead Folk Toys
Made in USA
American History Pioneer Folk Toys, Games, Crafts, and Music from Homestead Folk Toys in the Historical Village of Nashville, Indiana
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George Rice