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Picking our Puzzles
       Americans  have  loved  puzzling  folk  toys  for
   countless generations.    Historical folk puzzles, such
   as the Classic metal tavern puzzles,   Shuttle puzzle,
   Tic-Tac-Toe and Ox-Yoke puzzle  have delighted
    people of all ages.
   Many cozy evenings were spent, in nostalgic days
   gone by, around firesides  sharing these traditional
   American delights.  Today , the tradition continues... 
#504 OX-YOKE PUZZLE~ The best known of all historical 'switch-over' puzzles.  The object is to move one of the rings from one side of the puzzle to the other , without  untying  the knots or cutting the cord.  This puzzle was also known as the 'Lover's Yoke Puzzle.'
#506 PIONEER BUTTONHOLE  PUZZLE~ The object of this puzzle is to remove the puzzle ring (button) from the plank of wood, without untying the string.  This puzzle dates back to the American Civil War era, where it was known as the 'Cinch Puzzle,' because it resembled cinch blocks used to tighten tent ropes. 
#508 Classic Metal Puzzles~ Assortment of metal 'untangle' puzzles.  Packaged individually with directions and solutions.
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Ox-Yoke Puzzle
Pioneer Buttonhole Puzzle
Tangled Heart Puzzle
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Tangled Heart Puzzle
#501 SHUTTLE PUZZLE~  Traditional 'hop-over' wooden puzzle.  Try to get the three marbles of one color to switch sides with the opposite set of marbles, one move at a time. Solution included.
Shuttle Puzzle
#502  TRIANGLE PUZZLE~ New version of an old-time classic.  Try to jump pegs, one at a time, until only one peg remains.
triangle puzzle
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