Early American Crafts
        Crafts were essential in the early days of America,
      more for the useful products they produced than for
      their enjoyment.  Then, as now, a well-wrought item
      brought a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
          Most  crafts  practiced  in  early America are  as
      familiar  now  as  they  were  then -- crafts  such as
      spinning,  weaving,  knitting, and  sewing.    
          These  domestic  pursuits  have  been  in continual
      use  for  centuries,  and  are  enjoying  a   dramatic
      rebirth today.
         Homestead  Folk  Toys  offers  a variety of craft
     activity kits for all ages and skill-levels.    Activities
     such  as  weaving  on  small hand-held looms, knitting,
     or  crocheting,  quilting,  stitching a small sampler or
     bookmark,  or using a  lucet  to make a  braided cord.
     These  kits  teach  age-old  skills that can be passed
     down from generation to generation.   
Colonial Girls Knitting

Made in USA
#601 LUCET~ Make a single-strand braided cord with this   historical craft  tool.  Includes a  6 1/2" hardwood lucet, cotton yarn,  detailed instructions for use and complete history.  There was a time in our history  that  almost every sewing basket included  a lucet.
#603   DROP SPINDLE SET~ Learn to hand spin wool into yarn , just as the early colonists did.  Comes complete with balanced, hardwood low-whorl drop spindle, natural  wool  roving and complete instructions.
#604 DROP SPINDLE ONLY~ We offer our low-whorl  Drop Spindle as an independent  accessory or craft tool -- for those who either desire a drop spindle only,  or want to purchase additional spindles for teaching this timeless craft.
#605 NATURAL WOOL ROVING~ We offer extra wool roving for museum or crafting needs.    Use with our Drop Spindle, or use it  for doll hair or for other craft ideas.  Our wool roving is offered in a  length of one-yard ,packaged with a nostalgic hanging card.
#606 COTTON SPINDLE SET~ Spin cotton into thread  with this smaller low-whorl hand spindle.  Set includes hardwood cotton spindle, approximately 1/2 oz. of natural cotton sliver,   complete directions and history.
#607 COTTON SPINDLE ONLY~ Our hardwood Cotton  Hand Spindle is approximately 11 1/2" tall and features a 1" low whorl.  The cotton spindle is useful for educational programs and hand-spinning workshops. An excellent addition to  your collection of craft tools.
#608 NATURAL COTTON SLIVER~ Our domestic cotton sliver is available in a 1 yard length and is packaged in a poly bag topped with a nostalgic tag to hang in your gift shop.  Use with our Cotton spindle, or use it for doll hair or other craft ideas. 
Wool Drop Spindle Set
Cotton Spindle Set
Wool Roving
Cotton Sliver
Spool Knitter
My First Knitting Set
Bamboo Knitting Needles
My First Crochet Set
Wooden Crochet Hook
Beginning Quilt Kit
Button Lover's Set
My First Weaving Loom
#613 SPOOL KNITTER~ Also known as a 'colonial corker',  this   popular craft tool   produces a tubular cord, known as horse reins.  The cord can then be used to make a variety of craft projects, such as a belt, small rug, coaster, etc.  Includes  knitting spool, yarn,  lifting tool and complete directions.
#617 BEGINNING WEAVING PROJECTS~ Written for the beginning weaver.  Excellent companion to use with our Colonial Loom and My First Weaving Loom.   Includes history of weaving and instructions for basic weaving as well as patterns and projects.  Excellent resource  material for museum educators.
#615 COLONIAL  LOOM~ Large frame loom, designed for  young adults and older to learn the basics of frame-loom weaving.  Includes a hardwood loom frame, measuring 11 " x 13", wooden shuttle and separator, card comb, detailed instructions, and  colorful acrylic - blend and cotton yarns.
#616 MY FIRST WEAVING LOOM~ Our smaller, hand-held loom includes a hardwood frame loom, measuring 8 1/2" x 9 1/2", wooden shuttle and separator, card comb, acrylic-blend and cotton yarns, larger print instructions and history. 
#621 MY FIRST TATTING  KIT~ Learn to make lace edgings the old-fashioned way, using a tatting shuttle.  Our kit includes detailed illustrated directions, quality tatting shuttle and  colorful pearl cotton.
#618  MY FIRST KNITTING SET~ Learn the basics of knitting with  this easy-to-work  craft set.  Includes a pair of our exclusive knitting needles, acrylic-blend  yarn  and  complete instructions.  Works with either 2 or 4-ply yarn.
#618-A   PAIR OF KNITTING NEEDLES~  Our  pair of knitting needles are made for us in the USA and are packaged with a history card.  Easy to use with either 2 or 4-ply yarn.  Excellent for workshops.
#619 MY FIRST CROCHET SET~ Our beginning crochet includes our original hardwood crochet hook, easy-to-follow directions and colorful acrylic-blend yarn.  Makes the art of crochet easy for beginners.
#619-A   WOODEN CROCHET HOOK~ Our original hardwood crochet hook, designed for easy of use and for individual or group activity.   Packaged with history card.   Ours exclusively.
Peg Loom Kit
#620 WEAVING SONGS & GAMES~ Colorful collection of such weaving songs  as 'Weaver In The Middle' and weaving games such as
'Pass The Yarn Ball.'  All contributions were gathered from England, Scotland and Ireland and brought to the new world.  32 pages.
#624 BEGINNING QUILT KIT~ Our Beginning Quilting Kit includes materials to make a pillow, doll blanket and a  potholder.  Excellent kit for those who wish to learn the basics of quilting.
Complete instructions included.
#625 BUTTON LOVER'S  SET~ Our original button set includes  a colorful assortment of standard buttons  and our own " Button Book" . Includes button projects, games and crafts.
#638 WOODEN WEAVING DOLL~ Ours exclusively.  Historical wooden doll on which the child changes the clothes by simply wrapping and unwrapping the different yarns.  Popular since the days of early America. 
#643 HOMESTEAD PEG LOOM~ Peg loom weaving is considered to be the fastest way of weaving on a frame loom.  Our set includes a jointed peg loom, measuring "6 x 10",   flat weaving needle, jumbo yarn,  and detailed instructions    The slanted pegs make it easier to keep the weaving in place.
#643-A   PEG LOOM KIT~ Assemble your own peg loom!  Creative group or individual activity!  Includes  assembly directions, weaving instructions, jumbo yarn and flat weaving needle.
#627-B  "A CHILD'S FIRST SAMPLER"~ Small, easy-to-stitch mini-sampler.   Includes 6" x6" 11-count aida cloth, tapestry needle, embroidery floss, graph and history.  An excellent beginner's cross-stitch project.
#646  PEG LOOM PROJECT BOOK~ Learn the basic of peg loom weaving with this easy-to-follow instruction book.  Designed as a basic project book for both our Homestead Peg Loom and our Little Hamlet Peg loom.
Wooden Weaving Doll
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