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          In  early America, childhood  was  often  a serious time,
         a  preparation  for  the  adult  world,  and most toys, books
         and games were designed to acquaint children with everyday
         household tasks or teach them moral lessons.    
             Although  a  few  wealthy  families   purchased  expensive,
      imported European toys, most American children depended
    in  family  members  to  make  wooden  folk  toys  for their
    play-time.  Most of these American folk toys handmade  in
    early America are still in use today.
        Want to know more about how children played in times
       past?  Check our new book offerings...
                          Toys & Games from Times Past
Boy with Cup & Ball Toss Toy
Jacob's Ladder
Cup & Ball Toss Toy
#301 JACOB'S LADDER~ Historical folk toy , popular since the days of colonial America.  Also known as 'tumbling blocks,' the Jacob's Ladder was also known as a 'Sunday toy,' as it was one of only a few toys that  children were permitted to play with on Sundays. #301-C ~  Smaller, colorful version. 
#303 COLORFUL CUP & BALL TOSS TOY~ Classic toss  toy dating back to ancient Greece.  This historical toy was popular throughout the time of the settlement of the New World colonies  and is mentioned in many periodicals of the time.   
#304 NATURAL CUP & BALL~  Natural-finished version of this classic toss-toy.  Most historical societies  and museums prefer the natural version of this amusement, as it is more historically authentic.  Always a favorite in gift shops.
#305 SLINGSHOT~ Favorite 'catapult' American folk toy that has been a favorite for centuries and was certainly very popular in the mountainous regions of the United States.                                             Packaged with target for  safe play.

#307 CHILDREN'S EARLY AMERICAN TOOL SET~ Popular toy set for boys.  Features a wooden mallet, chisel, saw,  6" ruler, cedar pencil and cloth carrying bag.  Relive those pioneer construction days with this appealing tool set!
#306 CLIMBING BEAR~ One of the most colorful of all American folk toys.  Besides fascinating children for over two centuries, the Climbing Bear was also used to teach children how
to milk a cow.  Crafted from native American hardwoods.
#311 BULL ROARER~ Traditional ' whirling whizzer. ' Swing the paddle overhead in a circular motion and listen as it makes the sound of an angry bull or the wind.  Includes history and instructions.
#312 YO-YO~ Colonial and Victorian children alike enjoyed this popular American pastime.  Available in natural finish.  Includes  basic instructions and directions for several yo-yo tricks.
#313 LITTLE FISH TOSS TOY~ Traditional early American toss toy  that was common, both among the Native Americans and the early inhabitants of Alaska.  Try to swing the fish in the air and catch it on the rod!
#314 EARLY AMERICAN HATCHET~ Solid wooden children's hatchet with rounded edges for safe play.  Packaged with history    card, relating the history of the hatchet in early American life.
#315  WHIP TOP~ Traditional early American toy.  Spin  the top and keep it going with the  whipping rod!  History and instructions included.  The Whip Top was used extensively in colonial America.
#317-B COLORFUL SPINNING TOPS~  Individually packaged, colorful, lathe-turned and balanced spinning tops.  Each history card includes top history and several spinning top games.
#320 HARDWOOD SPINNING TOP~ Popular early American spinning top.  Simply wind the cord around the top and toss it toward the ground, release the string, and watch it spin.  This model features a rustic  natural finish.  Includes instructions for several spinning top games.
#321 THAUMATROPE~ Nineteenth-century optical device.  Upside-down images are printed on both sides of  the disc.  Twirl back and forth and the images will appear to be a 'moving picture.'
#322 SPOOL TRACTOR~ An early 20th -century self-propelled American folk toy, powered by a rubber band.  Simply wind  the toy up, set it on the floor and watch it move!     Fascinating for     children of all ages.
#324  SMOKEGRINDER~ Our Smokegrinder, also known as an Indian pump drill, is a traditional Appalachian folk toy  and is used to demonstrate the 'back and forth' flywheel principle of primitive pump drills.  Includes complete directions for use and history.
Buzz Saw Toy
Wooden Slingshot
Children's Early American Tool Set
Bull Roarer
Wooden YO-YO
Little Fish Toss Toy
Colorful Hardwood Spinning Top
Spool Tractor
#320-B COLORFUL HARDWOOD  TOP ~ Play the historical game of "Chipstones" as well as other traditional top games with our  assortment of red and blue hardwood tops.  Includes  complete instructions.
#325 PADDLEBALL~ The paddleball was a  direct descendant of the colonial Hornbook, Battledore & Shuttlecock game.  Our newest model of an old favorite featuring a sturdy wooden paddle and strong elastic cord attached to a colorful rubber ball.
#330 #331  SPINNING FINGER TOPS~ Natural-finish spinning tops, sold loose with history card and directions for two finger tops games.  Available in two quantities--
            #330-- 1 unit of 24 and #331--1 unit of 72
                        (Includes display card).
#319-B  REVOLUTIONARY WAR  SIGNAL WHISTLE~ During the Revolutionary War, signal whistles played an important role in signaling commands to the sharpshooters of the Continental Army.  Our signal whistle package includes typical battlefield whistle signals and history.
#332 FOUR-NOTE TRAIN WHISTLE~ All-time traditional American whistle.  Includes well-known short and long  train whistle patterns.  Approximately 7 1/2" long. Amazing clarity of sound.
#336 LADY ANNE'S CAROSELLO RING-TOSS TOY~ Delightful ring-toss toy that dates back to the early Renaissance!  Toss the ribboned ring in the air and try to catch it on the rod.  Includes the complete history of this fascinating toy.
#338 'JIM DANCER' SPOOL TOP~ One of the best known early American finger tops, handmade from wooden sewing spools.  Individually packaged with history and game card. Available in rustic, natural finish.
Four-Note Train Whistle
Lady Anne's Ring Toss
Jim Dancer Spool Top
Revolutinary War Signal Whistle
Whip Top
Climbing Bear Toy
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Spring Whistle
#339 'SPRING' WHISTLE~ Small single-note whistle  that can be heard for quite some distance.  A 'woodland' trill can also be mastered by opening and closing the  hole at the end of the whistle.  Packaged with history and direction card.
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Colorful Cup & Ball Toss Toy
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Sailboat kit
#340 TOY SAILBOAT KIT~ Homemade toy sailboats were one of the most popular toys in early America.  Now you can re-create this nostalgic toy with this easy-to-assemble kit.  Finished size is
7' 3/4 " by 5' 1/2 ".
Toys & Games from Times Past
Forest Spinning Tops
Toy Paddleboat Kit
#328~ JIMMY STICKS (SKYHOOK)~ Legendary balancing device.  This novel wooden toy will balance at the end of one's finger (or edge of a table) when a leather belt is placed in the groove.  It appears to be defying gravity.   1 unit of 25 with information cards and display card. 
#345~ CLASSIC AMERICAN BOOMERANG~ Handcrafted traditional wooden boomerang.  Includes history card and throwing directions.  Wood and designs may vary.
                 #341 FOREST SPINNING TOPS~
       Rustic Tops cut and crafted from native tree limbs.
                 Information on tree rings included.
#342~ TOY PADDLEBOAT KIT~ Easy to assemble American Folk Toy. Complete assembly directions and history included.  Measures 6 1/2" x 2 1/2".
#344~ BALERO~ Traditional catch-and-toss toy. 
Swing the ball in an arc to catch it on the end of the peg or in either cup.
Whip Top
#302-S SAWMILL BUZZ-SAW~ Traditional best-seller, modified to resemble the saw blades of the early American sawmills.  Packaged in an assortment of single and double-blade buzz saws.          
Toy Cannon Play Set
#346~ TOY CANNON PLAY SET~ Small handmade wooden toy cannon paired with a wooden toy soldier.  Good for hours of historical play. 
Deluxe Cup & Ball
#304-D DELUXE CUP AND BALL~ Larger, easier to use natural cup and ball.  The larger cup makes it so that almost anyone can score each time.  Complete history included. 
#319A~ SIGNAL WHISTLE ADVENTURE SET~ Updated version of our standard Signal Whistle.  Paired with a beginner's compass.  Good for hiking, camping and historical play.  Whistle signals included. 
Signal Whistle Adventure Set