In  colonial  America,  there  were  very  few
      free  schools.   Those  children who could  attend,
      attended  classes  six  days  a  week.   There was
      normally  only  one  teacher,  and  all  the  children
      learned their lessons in the same room, often using
      a slate board, battledore and a hornbook.

            Some students recited the lessons out loud while
      others studied quietly.  Students were taught  the
      three"R's" , reading, writing and arithmetic.
Boy with Slate and Hornbook
Early American Education
Made in USA
#401 CHILD'S HORNBOOK~ Small wooden replica  ABC Hornbook as used in early American schools.  Features a typical lessonsheet, including the ABC's, Lord's Prayer and vowel combinations.  Includes complete history.  Approximately 5" x 2 1/2".
#401-L  LARGE CHILD'S HORNBOOK~ Larger wooden replica ABC Hornbook as used in early American schools.  Features typical lesson sheet as stated above.   Approximately 11" x 6 1/2".
#402 THE ABC HORNBOOK IN AMERICA~ Traces the history and use of the hornbook in early American schools.  Includes a facsimile of  a  hornbook to cut out.   Features nostalgic illustrations.   32 pages.
#402-S  CHILD'S HORNBOOK SET~ Our original packaged set features a small wooden Child's Hornbook with a typical lessonsheet and the 32-page ABC HORNBOOK IN AMERICA book.
The ABC Hornbook in America
Schoolhouse Chalkboard Set
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#403 BATTLEDORE~ Sturdy replica of an early American  battledore.  The battledore replaced the hornbook in  American education and became a 'fold-out reading book' for children.  Packaged with historical information.
#406 SCHOOLHOUSE CHALKBOARD SET~ Features 5"x7" chalkboard, chalk, eraser and booklet, featuring eleven  19th-century schoolroom and playtime games.  Ideal for reenacting one-room schoolhouse days or for travel activities.
#406-B  CHALKBOARD~ Our classic chalkboard is available unpackaged and is ideal for individual sale or for living history demonstrations.  The chalkboard is similar to the slateboard, once used by children in one-room schools.
#407 MAKE YOUR OWN GOOSE QUILL PEN~ Make your own goose quill, as used in early American schools and in the signing of the Declaration of Independence,  Includes recipes  for berry ink and walnut ink and directions to fashion the goose quill into a pen.
#408 EARLY AMERICAN SCHOOL SET~ Set of 4 authentic unvarnished cedar pencils (without erasers) as imported to the colonies from England in the 18th century, and a 6" wooden ruler. Packaged with a history card.
#409 COLONIAL CEDAR PENCILS~ Set of 5 authentic, unvarnished cedar pencils (without erasers), as imported to the colonies from England in the 18th century.   Hand-rolled in a parchment  history sheet.
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